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Japan Entertainment Group, Co. Ltd. (JEG) is currently a privately held corporation established in Japan. All investor relations information is thereby reserved for current shareholders in a members section of our website. At the moment that JEG becomes a publically traded company, all information pertaining to the corporation will be fully disclosed here for public view and in accordance with our exchange requirements.

For those institutional and private investors that wish to participate in JEG ownership, please submit an Investor Information Request Form (IIRF).

Japan Entertainment Group株式会社(JEG)は日本を拠点とする非公開株式会社です。従って、投資家向け広報情報(IR)は現行の株主のみに限定され、ホームページの会員(メンバ)部分にあります。JEGが公開株式会社になった時点で、会社に関する全ての情報は株式取引所の規則に基づいて公開されます。

JEGにご興味がある機関投資家や個人投資家はこちらのInvestor Information Request Form(IIRF)をご記入下さい。

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