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Incentives ready for savvy co-prods

The Austrian Film Institute, the official government funder, had $21.35 million available under its FISA film funding scheme. The good news, says AFI director Roland Teichmann, is "there's the political effort to get it up to $25.9 million" when its three-year renewal comes up this year.

Lionsgate Reaps Big Money From Digital Distribution of Shows Like 'Weeds'

Lionsgate’s most recent quarter was hardly cause for celebration -- revenue fell 23 percent at the company -- but its digital and video-on-demand revenue was certainly impressive. Digital and on demand revenue jumped 80 percent to $62.4 million during its third fiscal quarter. Theatrical only brought in $8.4 million during the period.

Anti-Piracy Alliance Zings Canada for Rampant Piracy

The International Intellectual Property Alliance Friday submitted its annual report to the U.S. Trade Representative recommending that 10 countries, including Canada, be placed on a watch list for “rampant online and physical piracy of copyrighted works and severe market access barriers.” The organization, which includes the Independent Film & Television Alliance, the Motion Picture Association of America, the National Music Publishers’ Association and Recording Industry Association of America, also named Argentina, Chile, China, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand and Ukraine in its rogue’s gallery.

Anti-Merger Protestors Target SAG, AFTRA Headquarters

The group, which was composed of about 25 SAG and AFTRA members opposed to the merger, carried signs, blew whistles and forcefully put forward objections to the merger on Friday. A group of members opposed to the planned merger of SAG and AFTRA protested Friday outside the Los Angeles building that houses the headquarters for both actor guilds.

Dance music finally invited to Grammy's big party

Dance music steps out of its niche and joins the Grammy party on Sunday, crowning its journey from the underground rave scene to the mainstream music industry. Just as hip-hop was finally embraced by Grammy organizers in 1989, electronica comes of age this year with a DJ nominated for best new artist for the first time, and the first dance music tribute to be broadcast on the music industry's biggest night.


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