Yes, we specialize in the production and distribution of entertainmentcontent. But JEG also provides other entertainment services for largecorporations; small companies; and the individuals wishing to take on theworld on their own. With a vast amount of areas in the entertainmentindustry; JEG can help you with all your entertainment needs. Some of theservices we are provide are….


Production Assistance

Got an entertainment project and need help? JEG can assist with your movie, TV show, commercial, music and most any other entertainment project to help make it truly successful. We can step in and give you the aid needed to deliver a high quality production.


Commercial Production

Tired of the same old boring commercial ideas from your current ad agencies? Need help with creating a fresh and impactful commercial for your product/service; JEG is your key. From development of the idea to the actual production making the idea a reality, we can deliver an appealing and better quality production for a lower cost. JEG is your best choice to gain global awareness for your product/service.


Product Placement

If you have a product/service that you wish to present to the world via movies, videos, television shows, or music; JEG can give your product/service the exposure it needs to gain the attention of millions of potential customers around the world.


Marketing/Promotional Planning

JEG is the leader in marketing and promotions of entertainment events, corporate product launches, and more. If you need help putting together an event and what the best results; JEG is your team.



JEG takes pride in delivering the BEST entertainment content…and if that means we need to help others better their existing project, then that’s what we will do. Just tell us how we can help you.