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Japan Entertainment Group (JEG) is an international entertainment corporation based in Tokyo, Japan. Our main focus is the development and production of entertainment content (movies, television series, music, etc.) from Japan and distributing it to the world. As Japan is not internationally known as an entertainment originator, JEG will bring forth a revolution in Japanese entertainment that transcends the world’s borders.

Creating new and desired movie/television/music entertainment, that rivals the U.S., will be the key ingredient to our success and what separates us from our competition here in Japan. We will create and distribute productions that are in-line with the wants of the consumer and possess the same quality as those from Hollywood, the world leader in film and television entertainment. JEG will assist those smaller companies with advisory, production, and distribution assistance to aid in this entertainment revolution.



A Word From Our Founder

The Future of Entertainment In Japan

A land of peace; a culture of honor; a people of great pride; the third largest economy in the world; a giver of technology to the world…these are just some of the reasons why many foreigners call Japan home.

Over 10 years ago, when I came here to play basketball; I too, fell in love with Japan. I took a strong interest in the entertainment industry here and began to research and study the market. Of course the US is the leader/innovator of the entertainment industry, but I wanted to focus on Japan. From the music to movies, I absorbed all that was available here in the land of the rising sun.

I found that the entertainment content produced in Japan doesn’t do well overseas…the production companies seem to only focus on the Japanese market. Also, what I began to notice was that Japan imports a lot of entertainment from the US (of course), China, and surprisingly, S. Korea. In this global economy, for Japan to be the 3rd largest economy, but be so far behind in distributing Japanese entertainment to the world…that was something I wanted to change.

So for about 3 years, I took my research to the people and asked what they thought of entertainment in Japan. I discovered a large number of Japanese people felt the entertainment here was lacking compared to the US…and most of them related more to the entertainment from S. Korea more than Japan. So I released my purpose here in Japan…to bring the level of entertainment to that of the US.

With Japan Entertainment Group (JEG), our goal is to make Tokyo the entertainment capital of Asia. By taking our connections from the US, the ideas and themes of US entertainment content and creating a new style; we can then produce great entertainment from Japan and begin exporting to the rest of the world…starting with the US.

At the same time, we will introduce fresh, new, and young Japanese actors, producers, directors, and writers to the world. Promoting the younger generation of Japanese artists and giving them a chance to utilize their creativity while it is fresh (something the traditional companies here in Japan don’t do), will in turn generate an entertainment revolution that will make the world recognize Japan as a key entertainment powerhouse.

Japan has a lot entertainment to show the world…and JEG is proud to be the leader to deliver it.

Shawn Brown










Japan Entertainment Group, KK (JEG)

A Privately held Japanese company with limited liability Based in Tokyo

Head Office:

BUREX Toranomon 302, 2-7-5 Toranomon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105-0001 JAPAN
Fax: 03-6745-8008 Email: info@japanentgroup.com

Company Activities:
Entertainment production and distribution
Entertainment planning and promotion
Cable/Satellite broadcasting of entertainment content
All other areas involving entertainment....

Capital: JPY: 200,000,000

Japan Entertainment Group 株式会社 - (JEG)



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Fax: 03-6745-8008 Email: info@japanentgroup.com






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