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Playin' for Money
Directed by: Kevin Glover
Genre: Comedy
Actors: Takahiro Fujimoto, Sataro Nagasawa, Shogen, Tsuyoshi Mori

Money, the charismatic coach of the Oosumi Park Ballers, gets an opportunity to haul his Kagoshima League Championship team across the country to play in an elite basketball tournament in Tokyo, where the winner gets to play the Tokyo Professional Basketball team! All of the players have to confront their own individual challenges, as they learn to play together in this road trip adventure from hell. The trials of the trip pay off, until an unexpected twist throws the whole team into disarray. It takes everything Money has learned along the way to bring the team back together and lead them to an unforgettable ending.


Vegas Luck
Directed by: Jiro Enomoto
Genre: Comedy
Actors: TBD

A couple of Japanese college students in Vegas for a summer excursion, have their cool summer trip turn into a really hot time in this city that never sleeps, when they find themselves in with no money, no place to stay and the local mafia chasing them? It would be a true tragedy, but sometimes it’s better to be lucky than smart. Armed with a limited English vocabulary, our two adventurers learn the true meaning of Sin City in this wild comedy.

Directed by: Joey Philippe
Genre: Action/Drama
Actors: TBD

A Japanese Urban Love story that involves a young, street-rich Japanese boy that enters a convenient store to purchase his favorite noodles where he meets and later falls in love with an innocent, sheltered young girl. However, their lives become tougher to live together as they learn more about each other. How can love survive the merging of the street-life and traditions in the land of the Rising Sun?

Directed by: Penny Marshall (In talks)
Genre: Drama, Inspirational, Sports
Actors: TBD

A pro athlete stumbles upon a lucrative business opportunity and finds himself entrenched in a corrupt political game of chess which leads to him being falsely accused and wrongfully incarcerated. He faces the tricks of the government agents, the violent surroundings of incarceration, and a crooked attorney. As the stress has mounted to the breaking point, he is reunited with his father who has been trying to reestablish their relationship for a number of years. However, the true revelation comes when we find out what really happened to his dad. INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY.

Foreign Affair
Directed by: TBD
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Actors: TBD

A one-year teaching assignment in Tokyo for this young American turns out to be more than the fun and adventure he was planning, when he finds out that he got a Japanese woman pregnant. The two barely know each other and in addition to trying to make the relationship work, they both must deal with the hilarious and heartwarming consequences of their cultural differences. Note: Sake does not go into the baby bottle!

概要:あるアメリカ人の青年が1年間の英語教師の仕事を受け、東京にやって来る。異国の地での新しい生活に期待を膨らませて来日。ところが、日本人の女の子を妊娠させてしまい、想像していた楽しい生活は一変。二人はお互いの事をほとんど何も知らない。二人の関係を築こうと努力する中、文化の違いから、面白おかしく、心温まる出来事が連発。注意: 哺乳瓶にお酒を入れてはいけません!